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November 2017 "SCORPIO" Newsletter

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Leaves are falling from trees, patterning pathways in an ochre camouflage. November is that month when the cold first bites — a chill that can reach inside your body to trigger memories of a long New York winter that might lie ahead. The clocks have changed and it’s dark around 5, making afternoons asombre affair. I’ve the feeling that something is over.

I’ve been observing the squirrels this last month, so very busy carting food stuffs up and down trees to wherever it is they store it all till the snow finally inhibits their foraging. I’m dreaming of hibernation. I want to be a bear — hitting the pause button — don't get excited, don't get anxious… just snuggle up in bed and rest up for 3 months — gather strength. Stop thinking perhaps?Then start again.

Hopeful, hopeless… Hope is my November word… there’s a promise of renewal in this seasonal change — somehow suggesting I slow down. That must be the very reason we have a Winter at all — to reflect. When I was younger everything used to speed up toward Christmas, racing downhill to an imaginary finishing line with a grim “sell by” date on achievement stamped December 31. Now that seems to be changing entirely.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again — what a weird year this has been. I started reading the news on a daily basis, something I hadn't ever done before and this has paved the way into an addictive frenzy of anticipation… what could possibly happen next I ask myself? At breakfast or afternoon tea, conversation is animated… passionate… there is no middle ground — take a side — arm yourself with an opinion… No trophy hunters please.

Scopio - Martin Luther - Lucas Cranach der Ältere (1529).

Scopio - Martin Luther - Lucas Cranach der Ältere (1529).

Bravery is one of the finer qualities accredited to the Scorpio personality… focus and intuition two other vital attributes in our current battleground of misinformation. At times it’s hard not to feel disheartened in a world that seems, on so many levels, at war with itself. Yet the triumphs inspire me — the women's march, last week's victory for love in the Australian referendum on same sex marriage — not something I could ever have imagined in the world of whispers and wandering eyes that I grew up in. Stand by your truth…


Happy November