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Homeward Bound

"Sunday Morning"   - Martyn Thompson

"Sunday Morning"  - Martyn Thompson

It’s Sunday and I’m having breakfast in bed. This sounds relaxing...which it is… though it has involved completely reorganizing the bedroom furniture prior to the making of the food and then getting back into bed and eating it moment. The furniture, I must point out, in this instance returned to its near original position — each item having tried out a multitude of other possibilities in the reorganization period.

"a nice arrangement"  - Martyn Thompson

"a nice arrangement" - Martyn Thompson

There is nothing atypical about this — it's how my brain works. I’m always mentally moving objects from one spot to the other and invariably I can't help but physically follow through. When I first started photographing interiors I’d often go to peoples houses and move literally all their furniture around — I thought that was what the job was — I had to place the right piece at the rightangel in the right natural light that I loved. Then I’d have to move it all back again — totally exhausting. I soon discovered that everyone doesn't do this. I learnt that you “tweak” whats there already — perhaps moving some smaller items , adding flowers etc. Now I often function from the other extreme and prefer to not move anything at all — more conscious to preserve the integrity of the space. 

" feeling peckish"- Martyn Thompson

"feeling peckish"- Martyn Thompson

Breakfast was delicious… essentially the remains of last nights dinner (a close relative of pesto) on toasted bread with a boiled egg on top… This pesto is something “new” — arare moment in my culinary habits as I tend to cook the same thing over and over again— most often a soup/stew of varying flavors, the basis of which was taught to me as a teenager, by a wonderful woman named Penny — a colleague of my father, whom I assisted, when still a student... “the office boy”... junior filing clerk, lunch getter, etc…

finding the right ingredients.....still-life by  Otto Marseus van Schrieck

finding the right ingredients.....still-life by  Otto Marseus van Schrieck

The pesto was made of the following ingredients…

Half a bunch of parsley

3 cloves of garlic… though…3 proved delightful for garlic adorers only… adjust as necessary

Olive oil and vinegar… not very much…

Juice of one and a half lemons

2 handfuls of pine nuts and some pistachios……

All reduced to a pulp in my new ninja bullet and served with another first — zucchini pasta— a mystery I had first tasted and loved so long ago when vegan wasn't a word you heard very often. Mistakenly I had imagined that making it was a process not unlike making pasta itself — a labour I had witnessed and recorded for the River Cafe cook book in London and never dreamt of repeating… but this is not the case at all — it's incredibly easy and made with a vegetable peeler type object — the whole meal took about 20 minutes — quite marvelous.

"Tom House"  - Martyn Thompson

"Tom House" - Martyn Thompson

All this talk of domesticity brings me to the subject at hand — the Home — a very Taurean domain. This coming Tuesday at BOOKMARC, is the NYC launch of Michael Reynolds’ book “TOM HOUSE which I photographed last year in Los Angeles .“TOM HOUSE” combines  the rather surprising home of the worlds best known homoerotic illustrator- Taurean “Tom of Finland“ - with his lesser known preparatory sketches! His imposingly masculine figures might suggest an interior unconcerned with “Decor”, even brutalist perhaps, but this is not the case at all —  Tom’s house is warm and welcoming — it's a lot of leather and a little bit boho granny too.

Home....... "interior with a vase of flowers"  by Carl Vilhelm Holsoe

Home......."interior with a vase of flowers" by Carl Vilhelm Holsoe

Some years ago I worked on a book with Ilse Crawford called “Home is where the Heart is”. For a long time I wanted home to be a specific place — was it New York? London? or Sydney? Was it somewhere I hadn’t yet lived?… Then a few years ago a very wise woman pointed out that all of these places were home. Make your home where you are at this moment… And this advice has proved very helpful to me… so now I’m working on Ilse’s Heart premise… though my heart is currently a little bit broken… so I’m not quite sure where that leaves me…

happy May


all welcome at the NYC launch of TOM HOUSE........................