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“All Change”

"Spring"   - Martyn Thompson

"Spring"  - Martyn Thompson

I’ve begun this newsletter many times… beginning anew each week, since the end of March to now, the end of April. That’s how things are at the moment — all change — the familiar past is gone and I’m foraging my way through the unknown. Fortunately I’ve a good few Arians at my side — that spirit of impulse — ventures tackled with a naive intuitive trust, like those kids you see careering carefree down a ski slope. Their fearlessness holds me. 

"Rocky"  - Martyn Thompson

"Rocky" - Martyn Thompson

Not unusually, I am on an aeroplane. Its’ a very old plane that doesn't have personalized entertainment — something I didn’t think existed any more and certainly wasn't prepared for. I’m kind of fussy about what I watch and havent been able to commit to the featured items thus far — but also cant avoid the screen in front of me — Sylvester Stallone in a “Rocky” type film, becomes a silent study in male aggression, followed now by a chaos of special effects called “Tomorrowland”. The flight is seeming consequently long — unaided by the, far-from-relaxing , “doppio” espresso I shouldn't have drunk just before boarding… back when I was expecting to be entertained and not to have to amuse myself— very spoilt brat.

"  A dream"  - Martyn Thompson

"A dream" - Martyn Thompson

I’m flying home from Milan where I’ve been at the design fair, “Salone de Mobile”, for the first time. I’m totally enchanted. The quirky decadence of the city presently infused with the magic of spring — the tumbling courtyards enveloped in lush leafy coverings overhung with wysteria. Wandering from palazzo to workshop, as much impressed by the surroundings as the exhibits — an abundance of history. It’s hard not to want to stay - all that beauty is somehow comforting.

Evocation of Butterflies  - Odile Redon

The first 2 days felt like months. Time moves in such a mysterious , personalized way and often a new learning experience seems to last forever. A familiar routine flies by. As each day passed Ibecame increasingly consciousness of the design world I am entering — not an altogether unfamiliar world, but now broached from a different perspective — the maker… Slowly emerging from my mental cave to recognize a much bigger picture…both exhilarating and intimidating.

"New Ground"  - Martyn Thompson

"New Ground" - Martyn Thompson

Theres a sense of flux in the universe right now. To me it’s saying — “ I really don't know what’s going on, but just keep going —move forward”. The world I grew up in has disappeared and, unsurprisingly, I’ve many friends exploring new ideas of how to live, where to live and what to do. With a mind to community, new ventures abound… especially for Aries. My friend Tom McCarthy, with his new art collective BABY FOREST, and Simone Silverman’s forthcoming “THE SILVER WOMEN” — celebrating what the women of her generation are thinking and feeling.

"Daffodils and Grapes"  - Martyn Thompson

"Daffodils and Grapes" - Martyn Thompson

Spring is the gentle reminder of a constant flow of renewal — however uncomfortable that may feel at times — there’s a very human necessity for reinvention. Our bodies change regardless. Nature tells me to stay in touch with that potential — and not freeze whilst all around is in motion.


Happy April