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“It's about time”

"In the trees"  - Martyn Thompson

"In the trees" - Martyn Thompson

There’s a phrase, “make time for it”, and I want to confirm that, in this instance, I very consciously did. Hauling myself to Port Authority early Sunday I boarded the bus, Woodstock bound, arriving 3 hours later to the peace and quiet I consider a perfect writing environment. I set about finishing off a whole lot of work stuff as soon as I got here — to clear my head — making note of how focused I feel once surrounded by trees. Then — diligently I rose at 7.30 AM this morning — put the kettle on and opened up my laptop… And then I cleaned out the fridge… measured and re-measured lots of walls that could potentially host shelves or cupboards answered emails… drank tea… and another cup of tea (or two) and stared out the window.

"A sensible shoe"  - Martyn Thompson

"A sensible shoe" - Martyn Thompson

So I walked to town for lunch thinking a break would do the trick. A green juice was what I really needed (it was delicious), then popped into the shoe store — a sensible shoe is a precaution — especially here — where weather “conditions’ are likely and my platforms just wont suffice. I was treated to a fascinating “late coming out “ tale from the sales person… a confidence I was happy to inspire.

"  Sun Down"  - Martyn Thompson

"Sun Down" - Martyn Thompson

Then I went for a real “walk” in the new footwear as my feet haven’t been this comfortable for about a decade… and the sun would shortly be setting, so lets not miss out on all that lovely fresh air etc. — good for the soul— and it wont be there tomorrow — or I wont be — as I’ll be back in the city… Anyway, some exercise will kick start my brain. Mid walk I get a text from my friend Chris Wells —so decide to continue over to his and Bobby’s place — more tea and much chatter — but now back home it’s somehow already 8.45PM. “Time is fleeting” — that’s clear… Only a few days ago I was 54 and now I’m 55.

Birthdays aren’t what they used to be… they’re much better. A tendency to over excitement and consequent high expectation led invariably, in the past, to disappointment… but no more. Now I could care less and subsequently managed to have the most excellent 55th… a satisfying series of conversations — tête-à-tête (my favorite) — a haircut, dinner with my boyfriend and some great telly — to be specific, the Nina Simone documentary and 2 episodes of the Norwegian drama “Occupied” — anyway… “It’s the simple things”...

Is it scary that clichés have started making so much more sense?

Surely it’s about time for “the age of Aquarius”…I swear I can still picture the green and red “Hair” label — green on one side red on the other??? — on the record player in the room that my parents referred to as “the den” (there was something very grown up and forbidden about this room) — the Marimekko wall hanging and large floor cushions (which ironically I now make something very similar to) — anyway... moving on… At some point writing each newsletter I generally look up the “traits” of a star sign… and although all too familiar with the likes and strengths of this particular bunch, there were a few surprises in the adverse characteristics department.

"Aquarius"  - Jacob de Gheyn

"Aquarius" - Jacob de Gheyn

Strengths: Progressive, original, independent, humanitarian.

Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, temperamental, uncompromising, aloof.

Aquarius likes: Fun with friends, helping others, fighting for causes, intellectual conversation,

a good listener.

Aquarius dislikes: Limitations, broken promises, being lonely, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them.

"Heroes"  - Martyn Thompson

"Heroes" - Martyn Thompson

“YES”, to all of the above, most notably “people who disagree with them”… guilty as charged. My internal personality power struggle is a compassion VS ambition conflict — I care about you but I also want to get things done — so “hurry up”… or at least don’t stand in my way — please!!! Patience — the lack of — looms large. “Time will tell”… but will it tell me quickly enough? As my childhood heroes ascend, one by one, to that big place in the sky — altogether much sooner than had I expected — my mortality lurks ever more present.

"Home"  - Martyn Thompson

"Home" - Martyn Thompson

“It’s only a matter of time”… This will most likely be my last paragraph… on my way to NYC already — I love this trip — the jiggly motion of the bus, the trees, the sun rising… It’s a total quiet zone, as the bus company have a no phone call policy ( heavenly). Soon I’ll be back to the busy, busy of city life. Lots of meeting this week — the office move looming. The Lincoln Tunnel is coming into view and it looks like I’ve managed to get this done after all…

Just needed time to brew…



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