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“natural perfection”

"Unnatural Perfection"  - Martyn Thompson - See  more images  from this series.

"Unnatural Perfection" - Martyn Thompson - See more images from this series.

I’m getting into rather a habit of lateness with this newsletter, which, in some ways,

is a pleasingly forgiving and a great sign that I’m not putting quite so much pressure on myself to get “everything” done… some years ago an excellent psychiatrist asked me to consider what this “everything" I kept referring to actually was, suggesting I write a list and prioritize… a practice that’s slowly sinking in… Chipping away at my “perfectionism” — a notion so full of potential, but rather a nuisance!!!

"City Life"  - Martyn Thompson - Click to  explore Martyn's Instagram

"City Life" - Martyn Thompson - Click to explore Martyn's Instagram

Sitting in bed, drinking tea, the laptop on my lap. I’m listening to frogs and crickets, or cicadas — I’m not sure? — an array of sound, most pleasingly natural in origin. It's my first weekend in Woodstock, in a house that may one day be my home.

I’m experiencing the call of the wild — or the “semi-wild” at least — having spent a life time in the city — well, a variety of cities . There are car sounds here too — I’m really only a short walk from town — but not the “honking with impatience" variety — moreof an “on the move”, “whooshing” type — much more palatable.

"Nature Boy"  - Martyn Thompson - See  more portraits .

"Nature Boy" - Martyn Thompson - See more portraits.

Being a grown up, I’m trying to access the whole array of responsibility that comes with the potential upkeep of a house — simultaneously address and ignore — so not to burst my nature-boy-bubble-of-joy! It’s not quite as simple as living in an apartment, there are so many new things to find out—and pay for!!!

"To work"  - Martyn Thompson - See  more fashion editorial.

"To work" - Martyn Thompson - See more fashion editorial.

The day begins… people arrive to repair and advise — I’m surrounded by folk hard at work. Today I could really do with a little more Virgo in my astrological make up —  some detachment — remove some emotion from my decision making process and calm my terribly impulsive Sagittarian ascendant, that wants everything finished yesterday…

"Renaissance Man"  - Martyn Thompson - Visit the  Martyn Thompson Studio  site.

"Renaissance Man" - Martyn Thompson - Visit the Martyn Thompson Studio site.


meticulous, intelligent, practical, analytical, reliable, modest


overcritical, fussy, harsh, conservative, judgmental


I’ve been flawed a few times by the brut realism of my oldest and dearest virgo friends — cutting straight through my delusional dreams. Blessed with a sharp eye for detail they excel in design and planning. In my student days, when most of us were sleeping on a mattress on the floor, perhaps a few music posters on the wall, my Virgo friend Ronan Sulichs’ room was an awe inspiring ode to the renaissance — a sophistication that has bode him well.

The early morning’s bliss has turned into an aural onslaught of lawn mowers and tree choppers… eeeeek… I guess I’ll be settling for the “pastoral semi ideal”— romance laced with reality— not quite Jane Austen…

"Morning"  - Martyn Thompson - See more from the  Martyn Thompson Studio Instagram .

"Morning" - Martyn Thompson - See more from the Martyn Thompson Studio Instagram.

Happy September