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“on the cusp”

It’s reached that point this month when you realize the summer is almost done — there’s a certain shift in the light — and you start to notice its dark at 8pm. Each year this comes as a shock to me — a sort of surprise deja vu, if there can be such a thing — tainted with melancholy for all the beach trips I haven't made. Another winter approaches.

Right now I’m on my August vacation. Reduced to 2 nights on Fire Island, it’s quite a long shot from the month off I used to take in the golden olden days. Looking on the bright side, its a sign of significant productivity — its been a very busy year thus far.

2 years ago I had a photograph of mine woven into fabric form — a process made possible by the digital age, which I had initially stubbornly ignored and later attempted to defy — so upset was I that my old world was disappearing.

Bizarrely this defiance proved advantageous — jamming paper incorrectly thru ink jet printers, I managed to discover new ways of looking at my craft. Scribbling and scratching into old 4x5 negatives, I started to look outside of my fixed horizon and align myself with change.

My career began with fabric — in 1983, returning to Sydney after my first trip to New York, I went out and bought fabric and fabric paints. New York had fired me with ambition. I made clothes from the fabrics I painted and sold them to a local boutique — then I opened a shop with a group of friends who were also designers — it all happened very quickly — I lived in an era of possibility. I photographed these clothes and ultimately became a photographer. I moved to Paris — I moved to London — I moved to New York.

At first I was unsure about the digital tapestry and put it to one side. Slowly I realized how right it was — that I’d always been somehow working with, in, or around fabric. I was searching to do something new with my photographs and this was a perfect medium. I had no concept how difficult it is to make a product in today’s market and have proceeded with a grim determination to make it work — backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards. Now the groundwork is done. We launch our new collection “The Accidental Expressionist“ (into New York's Design and Decoration building) on Sept 1st…

In the astrological world, we are on the cusp of Leo and Virgo (August 19 -25). I’ve been reading about this on the Internet — its called the “cusp of exposure”. These individuals often have very contrary elements at work in their personality — a conflict of the extrovert lion and the virgin introvert — but mustering the strengths of both for a cause they truly believe in, unites the passionate, ambitious leadership of Leo and the hardworking, organized Virgo, into a persuasive power.

This I have witnessed to full force in my friend Nikki Tibbles. Her concern for animal welfare has, after much hard work, lead to the creation of the Wild at Heart Foundation — dedicated to helping the 6,000,000 plus stray canine population.

I have that healthy Australian fear of the midday sun, so I rarely go to the beach until the late afternoon. Today I had a long swim and then sat with Dove staring at the ocean. The sea fills me with a sense of calm — that state of urgency I live with back in the city is gone. I feel that whatever we are “on the cusp" of, will be ok...

Happy August