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                 "History"                                                   Martyn Thompson

                "History"                                                  Martyn Thompson

I’m journeying through England… currently roaring up the M5 in search of Liverpool —

T Rex at full volume — “Groove a little baby” — windows down. Though I could never drive this fast, I have no control over Skyler right now — completely in his element behind the wheel and I’m loving it. We’re charging toward the Midlands — my mother’s birthplace and host to many a childhood x-mas… aluminum wrapped coin filled x-mas puddings  and marzipan heavy fruit cake (my favorite)… maraschino cherries, stolen from my grandmothers pantry — memories — charging toward memory.

   "In Memoriam"                                        Martyn Thompson

  "In Memoriam"                                       Martyn Thompson

We’ve come from Bristol, where the haunting sounds of the seagulls struck a curious deja vu… maybe I went there as a little kid? There is an echo in their squall of something lost. I tried to record this melancholia on my phone, but its just a fuzzy mess… leaning out the top floor window of the Grand Hotel, where we've been staying in it’s somewhat ironic rooms — perhaps the smallest I’ve ever seen… tinier than New York’s Paramount, which I'd occasionally squeeze into in the early nineties…

"Blanket"                                              Martyn Thompson

"Blanket"                                             Martyn Thompson

Stormy clouds are brewing — hovering in the distance. England has such amazing clouds, constantly on the move here, changing each minute — big puffy white just sunny moments ago… now a blanket of raindrops in a gray sky. We are photographing gardens, so I've been keeping an eye on the forecast — not that it makes much difference ultimately, beyond preparing an umbrella or not — we shoot in the [very] early morning and the long evenings. Already my sleep pattern is crazed and combined with the jet lag, I’m moving into ” travel zone“ — a no mans time land where I’ll remain till I get back home — craving breakfast at midnight... waking at 3 in the afternoon to prepare for the evenings work.

  "  Venus between Terminal Gods"                        Aubrey Beardsley 

 "Venus between Terminal Gods"                       Aubrey Beardsley 

We just passed the turn off for the very familiar “Wedgewood and the Potteries”… my mothers home turf. Marc Bolan is chirping “Lady” — which I immediately visualize…

the red and blue label; B side of the Metal Guru single — a favorite of my 11 year old self, played countless times on my first record player in my bedroom with it’s 70’s style floral art nouveau wallpaper in black and white… my choice and possibly my first interior design decision??? — This room is in a suburb called Mount Pleasant in Perth, Western Australia — it's a few years after my family emigrated from England.

   "Liverpool"                                                     Karl Hughes

  "Liverpool"                                                    Karl Hughes

Must stop writing… Liverpool  on the horizon…
CUP OF TEA time... AND THEN to work!!!!!

  "  My   English Rose"                                            Martyn Thompson 

 "My English Rose"                                           Martyn Thompson 

We have been busy... it’s 48 hours later, on another motorway to Battersea Park in London. Last night, Skyler and I went to visit my godmother… my mum’s sister.
She’s a true home loving Cancerian — seated in that same favorite spot I last saw her 7, 17 and 27 years ago — keen for news of all the family. Quite the beauty queen in her day, she is glamorous to the end. Her style now somewhat more subdued and given expression in her garden rather than the flamboyant fashions I remember of former years. She has that ability to empathize that I associate with this zodiac sign — accepting and non-judgmental. I’ve told her all my secrets.
Happy July