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“the continuum of life”

  "Summer Escape"                                       Martyn Thompson

 "Summer Escape"                                      Martyn Thompson

At 4.05 pm yesterday afternoon, I got into a car to come to Woodstock for the weekend. By 5.05 pm we had travelled 6 blocks from the apt… such is the nature of summer traffic in NYC — everyone leaving for the weekend. Around 6.05 we were thru the Holland Tunnel, stopping for “facilities” at Taco Bell — the “Mexican” Mc Donalds… with hardly a tree in sight yet, I already felt a tremendous relief — a sort of liberation…

   "Tea Time"                                         Martyn Thompson

  "Tea Time"                                        Martyn Thompson

It’s been quite a while since I took a “break”…. which is why this newsletter is 3 weeks late. Now sitting in bed, a comforting pot of tea by my side, I am surrounded only by forest. It’s a damp, moist morning - so fresh - after quite the downpour last night. The temperature is delightfully cool, a rather lovely contrast to the sticky last week in the city...

"Sit Back" 

"Sit Back" 

Rain (on the subject of)… 2 weeks ago I flew to Chile to shoot my first travel story in over 10 years — it’s a 24 hour journey to get this particular destination, so I’d spent time specifically securing the seat I prefer — an aisle seat... I like to wander — it’s sort of essential when you’re down the back! On boarding I am immediately asked if I wouldn't mind swapping seats for a couple to travel together (a tricky request to decline — I’ve made it many times)… and then found myself beside a “young” family of 4 — tightly packed into 3 seats. C’est la vie…

  "Glorious"                                          Martyn Thompson

 "Glorious"                                         Martyn Thompson

On the drive from the airport the views are glorious. Melting blue mountains, a smoking volcano, glittering rivers, vast lakes... I’m here to photograph this magnificent landscape. In the late afternoon we arrive at our destination, within the hour it clouds over and there’s a sprinkle of rain as night falls… it’s gained strength by morning and 5 days later, in the airport departure lounge, we are watching the flood reports on the news.

As the landscape just disappeared, I was forced to think —  “what is this place all about when you’re not entranced by the picture perfect view???” — that’s the real “work” part of my job — when it isn't “working” — otherwise its delightful.

  "Colorful Characters"                                  Martyn Thompson  

 "Colorful Characters"                                 Martyn Thompson  

What can I say about Gemini?  I live with one, yet I’ll proceed without caution! They are quite the contradiction at times — rain and shine and the occasional thunderstorm. The thing I really love is how flexible they can be — generally undeterred by changes that would have me in a frenzy. They are smart and have a keen ability to verbalize ideas — great communicators! Interested in anything and everything, but sometimes only for a minute — staying on track can be a challenge!!! They are said to be often in 2 minds about stuff, but I've learnt that at least one of those minds love me!

   "LOVE"                                               Martyn Thompson

  "LOVE"                                              Martyn Thompson

This newsletter was going to be all about love..  not just the weather..!  Recently I spent the weekend with 3 of the 4 lovers of my life— all under one roof. I don’t quite know how this became possible but I realized I was very lucky. I lay in bed thinking how magical it was… that we are still so close — that love can outlast pain and jealousy and petty grievances — if you want it. My simplest life lesson has been that there is a positive and a negative to everything— the choice is yours.
Happy June……