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Instinct vs Intellect...I do before I think

     "Spring    "                                            Martyn Thompson

 "Spring"                                           Martyn Thompson

Writing this newsletter is, for me, a way of working out what I think. What my ideas are. Generally they have not been given words - well not in writing - and putting "pen to paper" (so to speak) makes them somehow more concrete - gives form and shape. Often you have a creative process - its instinctual - you don't have a set of rules for it - just like you have ways of reacting to people and situations that are beyond conscious...ingrained from childhood, some with you from birth.

" Handmade "                                          Martyn Thompson

"Handmade"                                     Martyn Thompson

I’m realizing all sorts of things about how I operate that I’ve never been fully aware of. Like the direct link between my visual and my emotional world. For me, emotional stimuli is a lot more powerful  and important than intellectual stimuli - both when it comes to creating work and in the visual world I respond to. Rarely excited by the purely conceptual, it’s probably the reason I love things that are made by hand  they are “emotional”  when I’m sewing the stitches are very different when tense than when I’m relaxed — when sad than when I’m happy…work is a visual expression of my emotional world.

"Patina"     John Derian from "Interiors"                      Martyn Thompson

"Patina" John Derian from "Interiors"                     Martyn Thompson

I’m wondering, are the things that I visually respond to reflections of unspoken political and social perspectives? For instance, I love an aged patina - worn, weathered and imperfect and I very rarely care for anything new and shiny — like the house that looks like there’s a full time cleaning staff of ten — not my cuppa tea. Is this related to why I have always liked people who have some underdog quality about them? — not the obvious hero but the outsider. Is this one and the same thing? Is this my social perspective expressed in aesthetic?...

   "Invincible"   Achille Castiglioni from "Interiors"                   Martyn Thompson

 "Invincible" Achille Castiglioni from "Interiors"                   Martyn Thompson

Sometimes on a very challenging job, after many hours work, I reach a point where I feel sort of invincible. Beyond tiredness, I’m almost impervious to what is going on around me outside of the task at hand — it’s a survival mechanism that shuts down certain areas of perception and opens up others — a mental vortex…protective shield type thing — it's intense.

"Visual Stimuli"                                                   @joshgurrie

"Visual Stimuli"                                            @joshgurrie

Intensity…I love it….I find Aries folk to be intense. And passionate…and arrogant, impetuous, stubborn, joyous, brave, determined, energetic and entertaining…a clearly intoxicating combination — so many of my closest friends and allies are of this sign. As are many people I admire. What is it in their childlike persistence that I find just so compelling? A certain effervescence…

Vivienne Westwood is an Aries. I've just finished reading her autobiography. The latter part of the book focuses on her work as an activist — particularly her work with "Climate Revolution". She is utterly untiring in her quest to, quite literally, save the world. As we emerge from a seemingly endless winter, longingly into spring, I try to imagine what if there were no spring? What if the tulips and the daffodils didn't flower under the trees in the Washington Square Park?

I can help...and you can too.

  "  Say Yes to Springtime  "                       Flora Goddess of Spring

  "Say Yes to Springtime"                       Flora Goddess of Spring

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