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“point of balance”

"Goodnight"  - Martyn Thompson

"Goodnight" - Martyn Thompson


I love bedtime. It’s often my only way of physically disconnecting from the working day —a challenge when you live and work in the same place. Not that the brain chatter necessarily comes to a halt — but my body is grateful. I’m happy to be distracted by the TV… or a book — and I've been reading a lot of late — a habit that waxes and wanes with the degree of airplane travel and jet lag in my life. Currently I’m totally hooked on that English detective show with Brenda Brethyn, called ”Vera”… and to my great delight series 5 has just become available on Amazon Prime.

"Penny"  -   Martyn Thompson

"Penny" - Martyn Thompson

The “Vera” character rather reminds me of my friend Penny and watching it I feel like we’re sort of hanging out together. Penny is a Libran and has the ascribed cherubic physicality, charm and grace… My best friend — she has that tendency to see both sides of any argument… and thus rarely appears to agree with me. Although somewhat annoying, this aspect of balance does force me beyond my often-fixed point of view… and has no doubt helped to maintain our near 40-year friendship. The “solution orientated” Libran is famously flirtatious — though I’m not going to get myself in trouble telling old tales here — lovers of beauty, roses and blue lavender.

"Balance" - Martyn Thompson

"Balance" - Martyn Thompson

Balance is a word that had absolutely no appeal when I was young. It was somehow tainted with an annoyingly “goodie two-shoes/ Julie Andrews/ Sound of Music” quality —not that I’ve ever seen the film — the title itself had something unappealingly wholehearted about it that didn't much fit with my teen worldview. My hills came alive to the sound of Marc Bolan, about age 10, and that hasn’t particularly changed… though curiously, a little internet research has just revealed that Julie Andrews and Marc Bolan are both Libran — an irony I probably should pay more attention to.

"Too much"  -   Martyn Thompson

"Too much" - Martyn Thompson

Anyway, I’ve always been very attracted to this sign — being something of a lover of beauty myself. And my adult being is now able to recognize the concept of balance as something of a plus — not that its very easy to achieve — my natural tendency is to the “too-much approach… work too much, think too much, eat too much, exercise too much — or not exercise too much… which is the case right now… much too bossy… generally much more of whatever takes my fancy at any particular moment. Never really sleep too much — generally too little — which is how I’m up at five this morning to finish writing this newsletter — which I did start 4 weeks ago — in line with my personal deadline and before any Librans had celebrated their birthdays. I’m not absolutely sure what’s happened in that interim period — but I’m guessing quite a lot..…

"    Off Balance"    - Martyn Thompson

"Off Balance" - Martyn Thompson

Balance just doesn't come naturally — not to me. It’s a bit like being criticized… very hard to get used to but after a while you see the point — other people, other perceptions — keeping an open mind — always learning — otherwise life tends to get a little dull…

"A certain balance"  - Martyn Thompson    

"A certain balance" - Martyn Thompson


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