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Bursts of color in the form of Dahlias, poppies and other delights punctuate this work. The center stage vase is one of many constructed by Martyn Thompson studio for the series of images and highlights a particular affection for craft and the hand made.

'The Falling In Love' Series

A unique set of fabrics that marry Martyn’s personal art practice and textile collection. The painterly photographs from his exhibition “Falling In Love At The Institute” have been constructed on a tapestry loom in sizing favorable to soft furnishings and upholstery. The images, inspired by a viewing of Cezanne’s “Vase with Tulips” at the Chicago Institute of Art, are an expression of simple beauty and romance.


Jacquard Tapestry

Available in custom dimensions up to 53" x 70" 

Sold in pieces that can be placed for upholstery, hung as a wallhanging or made into decorative pillows.

Content: 100% cotton

Country: USA

Collection: Cezanne’s Shadow


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